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I swear to you guys, I’m a magnet for good music. And I don’t mean this in a bragging way, I just constantly seem to stumble upon these fantastic musicians that really deserve more attention.

I found Redlands through instagram, not long after seeing the Maine in concert for the first time. I was drawn to the amount of interaction they had with their followers, really reaching out to people and building connections.

Their alt-rock sound fit in perfectly with what I was looking for at the time, and within a few minutes, I was hooked.

A LOOOOONG time ago, (Sorry, Ben), I was able to ask lead singer, Ben Lohle, a few questions about their new music and the power of social media.

1. For starters, who are you and what do you do?
My name’s Ben Lohle, I sing and write songs for Redlands.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard of you?
We’re all influenced by entirely different styles of music, but being the vocalist and main writer of the group, I like to incorporate those different styles musically and vocally. We’re a alternative rock band, but if you listen to all of our songs you’ll find that they differ from one another.

3. Who or what would you say you’re inspired by?
I’m personally inspired by rock legends like Tom Petty and modern acts like The Maine who continue to pave the way for new artists.

4. What do you think sets you apart from other bands within the genre?
Honestly, the fact that we don’t take ourselves so seriously and that we don’t try to hold to one specific sound. I kinda just write whatever I feel, whether it’s a straight rock song or a reggae influenced song. We’re very versed in many styles, if you listen to all three of our EPs we showcase what we’re capable of.

5. I found your music a year ago through instagram. Would you say this is a common thing for you? How has social media impacted your success?

Photo by Jeremy Poland

Yeah, social media is forever changing and to be able to stay up with it is actually quite important especially for smaller artists. It’s made it easier for us to connect with people all around the world though. I would say we’ve had success from it, but we do get new people trickling in and checking out out music, mainly from shows though. It’s one of those things, there’s bands that get on there and literally follow all of the people that think would like their music and to be honest we did that for a bit when we first started out, but that’s not something we do anymore. For us writing music that speaks for itself and is something people want to share on their own is more important.

6. You have an album coming out within the next week. What should we expect? (Check out the album here and here).
Yeah we actually recorded this record completely ourselves in a cabin in Colorado. It was a collection of songs that I wrote myself in my room and brought to the guys to produce together. I think we’re just super pumped to release it and hear what everyone has to say. Other than that we have a few release shows to end the year and then it’s back to writing the next album. We’re not a band that tours heavily because that just doesn’t make sense to us right now. We’ll continue to use our resources to make more music because that’s something everyone benefits from and who knows, we may gain enough traction if you will to jump on some tours!

7. And finally, what advice do you have for someone trying to break into the music business?
Just enjoy what you’re doing and work hard at it in every aspect and never give up, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Just remember why you’re you’re doing it, it’s not for the money or fame, it should solely be for your love of music and connecting with people. Lately, get out and go to local shows and network with other bands and work together.

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