The teenage mind is an intricate place, as is any mind. Regardless of its enclosure, the many layers and complexities rival that of rocket science, near impossible to fully understand.

We all live too fast, doing  to grow into adulthood and freedom, yet longing for the simplicity of naivety.

We exist, forgetting that we have so much left to experience, convinced that we’ve peaked. And maybe we have, but how are we to know when we’re so focused on homecoming and politics, SATs and social justice.

We forget to be young, forced into adulthood before legally deemed ready. Yet, we are never taught how to grow up, trapped within daydreams and a lack of time management.

We are cynics, fearing that all that is good about life has been stripped away by those who want what’s best for us without even knowing who we are. We are optimists, artists crafting out future in picture-perfect hues of opportunity and enlightenment.

We are the same, dying to find happiness and freedom, love and kindness. Yet, we find that in different ways, through different vessels.

We cannot be classified, and yet we are.

We are disregarded, we are feared.

We are the hope, we are the demise,

We are everything, and nothing at all.

It all just depends on who you ask.

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