There are few things in this world that are more empowering than kickass women. Cool girls who couldn’t care less about the world’s view of them and the art they make inspire me more than anything.

This playlist is for you if you want to feel like a badass woman too, perfect for bad days, working out, or you know, any time at all.

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As the year draws to a close and we start to wonder about what’s coming next, I’ve started to think a lot about Decaf. We originally launched in March of this year, something that seems so long ago that I can barely fathom it. It’s been rocky, to say the least, but we’re still here and plan to stay. Moving into 2017, I’ve started to think a lot about where I’d like to be.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some more solidified ideas of the goals and plans I have as Decaf continues to grow and expand. But for now, I’d like to talk about people.

I started Decaf as a way to form connections. I’ve always had a fascination with people and how their minds work. Humans are so complex and intricate and truly walking pieces of history. I want to find out what makes people tick and what they love. Though as an introvert and someone who struggles with anxiety, I sometimes have trouble putting myself out there to make these connections.

So today, I’ve decided to create what I’m calling, simply The Decaf List, a running list of people I’d love to sit down and have coffee with to talk about life. People I’d love to interview someday, but really so much more than that. These are people who have inspired me to speak out and keep creating. People I admire and make me want to live life to the fullest regardless of what others may think.

And hopefully, by putting this out into the universe, I can look back at this someday, (probably to add more people), be it five years, ten years, and see how far I’ve come. Call it manifestation if you’d like.

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