While searching for new music to listen to, the track “Wonderland” by Milo THECITY came on shuffle. I was shocked not only by Instupendo’s mesmerizing production on the track, but at how much underground success he has had at such a young age. This is Decaf Magazine’s interview with Philly’s prince of smooth“, Aidan Peterson, a.k.a. Instupendo.
What got you into producing?

My sister showed me Skrillex when I was 12 and I immediately wanted to learn how to make music on my computer.

Did you teach yourself?

Yes. I would experiment in FL Studio all day and night after classes in middle school, and eventually got to the place I am today.

Several of your songs have hundreds of thousands of streams on Soundcloud, and you have even been verified on Spotify. Did you ever expect to reach an audience like that?

It was always a fun idea to think that thousands of people would listen to my music, but that was never the plan. I’m glad that my music is reaching a larger audience; the more people can enjoy my music, the more good I’m doing in the world.

Was it important to you to get validation like that?

Self confidence-wise, yes. I’m a highschooler and it’s a major buff to have that many people giving me the thumbs up on things I create.

instupendo 5.png

“Light Lock” cover by 0001ff

How long have you been performing live?

My first real live performance was last March at a house party in Austin, Texas during SXSW with my friends from the Palettes collective. Since I’m in highschool, I don’t play out as much as I’d like to, though.

When and where will you be performing next?

I’m playing at PhilaMOCA on Saturday, December 10 with a bunch of my friends: Buji, Good Intent and Haven. If you live in Philly, grab your tickets here!

After that show – I have no idea, hopefully somewhere cool man.

Would you say you thrive more in the studio or while performing?

The studio. If I get really focused, I can work on music for more than 6 hours at a time.

Do you plan on releasing your next record anytime soon?

instupendo 2.pngYes. I try to release a new single every 4-6 weeks, so maybe something will be out before my December 10th show.

Who are some of your favorite artists to collaborate with?

Lontalius, his voice and production are so beautiful and I love him. I also love to write music with Amy Axegale, formerly known as Zen, he’s another mad genius Australian who’s just an awesome bro all around. I liked what Maurice Moore and I did on his track “Please You” too, it turned out even better than I’d expected. Lastly, one of the coolest dudes I co-write with regularly is Aaron Harmon from the band Basecamp.

Do you have a favorite song of yours?

“The Good Night” is probably my favorite song. It has a lot of emotional weight for me and I really just like what I did with the composition on that song.

What’s your advice to any of your fans who want to start a music career?

Just do it. In this day and age, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t just pick up your laptop and start creating. Also don’t watch tutorials. You gotta learn to do stuff your own ways, it sounds cooler.


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