Interview with Disgrace

disgrace-band-2015, although known for being a satire of punk webzines and for making up false news stories, also spotlights rising rock bands. Disgrace happens to be one of those bands, and also one of the most promising.
     Founded in California by guitarist Kyle Thomas, drummer Michael Cesario, bassist Leo Orozco, and vocalist Taylor Young, Disgrace has released two EPs, 2012’s Songs of Suffering and 2013’s split 7″ with Harness. Their first LP, True Enemy, dropped in March 2015 to critical success.
     They have achieved a loyal underground following, and are on the path to “grab the scene by the throat”. This is Decaf Magazine’s interview with Taylor Young of Disgrace.
     What drew you to each other as a band?
Kyle and Mike played together in a band called Creatures, and decided to write some shit that sounded a little different from that, so they started a band and asked me to join. Our bands had played together a lot before that. Leo joined shortly after that, and he would fill in for Kyle in Creatures when Kyle was on tour with The Mongoloids. It’s been the same line up ever since.
     What is it about metal that appeals to you?
I don’t think it’s something I can explain. I’ve loved everything about it since I was a kid, and so has everyone in the band. I’ve never met a group of people that I had so much in common with musically.
     How has touring been?  
We’ve played about three shows this year so pretty good! Last year we did a European tour for the first time and it was also a good experience. We’re about to do a California weekend with Criminal Instinct and Malice at the Palace in November.
     How is work on the new album progressing?
We’ve made some headway working on a new EP and there’s a new song on the 3rd volume of the Extermination Compilation that comes out in November.
     When can you fans expect the release of your next record? 
Not really sure. We’re not putting a deadline on it so there’s no pressure.
     Is there one main lyricist for the band, or is the songwriting process a collaborative effort?
Kyle mainly writes the music, while Mike and Leo add their flare and sprinkles. I write the lyrics and do the recordings, and we all help arrange a little bit.
    Are you producing it yourselves? 
Yes we always do it ourselves at my home studio, The Pit.
     Will your next record be more similar or different compared to your past work?
Our songs are already pretty short but we’re going to cut the fat a little bit and make every song more to the point, at least that what it seems like Kyle is doing.
      Who does the artwork for your album covers? They’re amazing. 
Dan Seagrave did the artwork for everything up to the Compilation. He’s definitely amazing. We may do something different for the next one but I’m not sure. Marc Nava did the artwork for our page of the compilation that’s about to come out.
     What would you tell your fans who want to start their own band? 
Win or lose you should do whatever you want. There are plenty of roles in music. Book a show or a tour, start a band, make artwork, try recording or mixing. There are plenty of ways to be involved, do whichever feels right your own way.

Be sure to check out Disgrace’s music at Bandcamp, GooglePlay, or iTunes, and stream their LP on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Photo taken by Miguel Del Angel
written by Nick Wilmer

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