Why does Hollywood have such a fixation on high school? From a young age, I can remember watching countless films about quirky teens making their way through the so-called best four years of their lives. I spent the entirety of middle school daydreaming about the seemingly lush life that would obviously come along with finally becoming a freshman in high school.

priime.jpgYet here I am, in my junior year, cursing all of those that t0ld me high school would be my prime. Granted, not much happens in SmallTown, USA, but it’s enough to make me wish I wasn’t here.

Days are long, homework is longer, and the halls are filled with an overwhelming amount of dread, (especially during exam season). Sure, kids skip school and go do stupid things with their friends, but they’re not cool for doing it. Sure, there are plenty of football players and band “geeks”, but no one really cares what extracurriculars you belong to. Sure, homecoming and prom are fun, but they aren’t these magical events that make every guy fall for the quirky girl. Frankly, most of them are too hung over in the morning to even care.

I can remember watching all of these fictional characters perfectly balance their lives out. From AP classes, to sports, to a job, and even a social life, these people had it down to a science. In reality, however, I know very few people who have enough time to get through absolutely everything they want to. Most people honestly just don’t care.

Yes you’re going to have shitty teachers from time to time or an overload of homework and studying to do, but hey, I’ve survived this long, what’s another year?


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