The world of online music streaming is a magical place, full of opportunity and unreal
talent. Lost in the masses of brilliant artists and creative energy, I often find myself amazed by all of this talent that is right below the surface of mainstream, so accessible, but just not getting the recognition it deserves.
Among this group of up and comers lies the beautiful Rebecca Clements, whose soulful voice and intricate lyrics instantly captivated me to the point that her music was ctsi9jlwcaismmron constant repeat.
Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Rebecca about her music; past, present, and future.

In simple terms, who are you and what do you do?
I’m Rebecca Clements, a singer-songwriter from the southwest of England. I play electric guitar and piano and perform my songs all over. I have also started writing for other artists which i’m really enjoying.
Who or what are you inspired by?
I’m inspired by peoples stories and music. I love going to gigs, I find that really inspiring to see how someone else is affected by the music they’re making. I find it really interesting listening in to other peoples conversations too, there’s always a line that can spark a song.
As someone who thoroughly enjoys music, I’m always curious about people’s writing processes. What’s yours like?
Most of the time I amp my guitar and just sit in my little studio until something comes, I like to write the lyrics and melody together. It doesn’t always happen this way though, at the moment I find if I semi-produce a track and write over the top I can create something much more interesting and experimental. I do a lot of co-writes too where I take in a tune and develop it, it’s great to get someone else input on your ideas.
How would you describe your sound to someone who has no idea who you are? Let’s say you were to create an infomercial for your music. What would your tagline be?
 I tend to say it’s like punky Adele but i’m making things a lot more electronic which is cool. It’s definitely guitar music as I love playing and the lyrics are very ‘kitchen sink’ but I think there’s always a story to tell.
Where would you like to see yourself and your career in three years time?
I’d love to be playing sell out shows all over and hopefully have a Mercury award to my name for a record or something. I hope to be successful in songwriting for other artists too.
What are you excited about right now? Music or otherwise.
I’m really excited about making music right now, i’m kind of developing the project into something that is more ‘me’ and i’m loving it. I’ve taken some time out to get it right and love writing again and i’m just enjoying life in general. I love being busy and i’m really excited to start playing shows again soon.
And finally, what is your advice for someone who is trying to break onto the music scene?
Keep making tunes and putting them online, even if it’s just a shit bedroom demo. Play live as much as you can for experience and don’t get lazy!

Don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s music on Spotify and iTunes, as well as her Twitter and Instagram. Thank you again to Rebecca for speaking with us!

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