Why is it so much easier to write with pen on paper than it is to type on a keyboard? Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet and technology and all go the opportunities that come along with it. Hell, this entire publication wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this. Yet, there’s still something … Continue reading ON PAPER

A Mix For Cold Days

Whether it’s a late night drive, a rainy afternoon of staying locked in your dorm room, or any time you’re feeling a chill, this playlist is the perfect thing to make you feel cozy, indie, and perfectly comfortable in the cold. Cuckoo! // Benjamin Britten Future Primitive // Papercuts Icarus // White Hinterland Somebody Else’s … Continue reading A Mix For Cold Days


Why does Hollywood have such a fixation on high school? From a young age, I can remember watching countless films about quirky teens making their way through the so-called best four years of their lives. I spent the entirety of middle school daydreaming about the seemingly lush life that would obviously come along with finally … Continue reading OH, HIGH SCHOOL