Let Me In is a 2010 American horror romance film written and directed by Matt Reeves and starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloë Grace Moretz, Elias Koteas, and Richard Jenkins. This is how wikipedia puts it short sweet and to the point. But it does not discuss how captivating the indie film is to a younger audience.The film opens with a flashback to a 1980s burn victim and his tragic demise. This seems to have nothing to do with the plot of the movie except for that it is just as dark and disturbing of a story. It is not often that we see vampire films let alone horror films staring smiling freckle faced rosy ,cheeked children and somehow Matt Reeves manages to do it phenomenology.

Moretz portrays Abby, a vampire who appearslet-me-in-5 to be twelve, harmless and unable to fend for herself but she manages to take care of herself and seemingly her new companion (she explains she cannot s
ee him as a friend at the start of the movie) that is called Owen. Owens life is difficult enough with dealing with bullies and his divorced parents. Now he lives next door to a blond, bloodsucking 12 year old in a creepy apartment building. His character is not only believable but relatable. A boy who feels like his life is falling apart but knowing their is nothing he can do about it, he spends his time in his room imagining he will stab the b
llies one day or avoiding them in real life. That is until he meets Abby. They build a relationship that seems to be slightly more mature than one between two 12 year olds. It involves taking on bullies together, a lot of sneaking around at night and even a little nakedness (not spoiling!)

What most do not know about the 2010 film is that it is a remake of a 2007 film titled Let The Right One In with the same plot but a different language. The remake is nearly an exact replica with camera angles and diallet-me-in-4ogue but seems to be a little more conservative (talking about the nakedness). The film is not so terrifying that you will have nightmares or anything, but is chilling and has the ability to put you in trance as any great film does. Uniquely, the film is unpredictable. When you think of horror films staring young teens. The plot and ending are almost always the same. This movie takes everything you know about a horror film and throws it in the garbage. The film does have a happy ending which is completely expected since it involves children.

The acting done in the film is at a level of maturity that is not seen often. Moretz and Koteas portray a relationship that is difficult to gasp and they do it flawlessly. The relationship seems realistic. Two children who have no one to rely on but each other. Even though the movie is full of gory scenes you are surprisingly left feeling mushy on the inside and hopeful for the two main characters.


The movie has a dark melancholy feel to it. The action that happens in the film is bloody and intense but never last very long and the foreign version is just the same. This makes the movie perfect for a rainy day or if you are tired of the same love story you find in all of your indie films. Even though a little dated, this is always a film to return to.



Written By LaRae Tillery

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