Upon arriving at the Morrisey concert, an intoxicating feeling set in. I was surrounded by all different types of people. A Gary Yourofski lookalike was seated behind me while many finshnet-clad legs walked in every direction. Some families even brought small children along for the experience. Old, young, tatted, and bare alike all seemed to be at that one venue- a random sample of the world’s population at a glance.

One thing we all need to get straight before I continue- Morrissey was not late. Throughout the tour, there has been a surge of outrage from social media users and music writers regarding Morrissey’s arrival approximately thirty minutes after the start time of the show listed on the tickets. This is because he intentionally shows a video compilation that is eclectic and captivating. It is a part of his performance and should be treated as such.

fullsizerender       Once Moz came onstage, accompanied by his touring band as well as a full light show, it became apparent that his voice hadn’t changed a bit since the release of There is a Light That Never Goes Out. His croons were as magical as you’d expect and more.

One of the most interesting things about Morrissey as a performer is his ability to weave between light and heavy hearted content seamlessly. Messages of police brutality, factory farming, and much more were thrown in a mix with the sweet-sounding yet pessimistic numbers he’s always been so well known for.

Meat is Murder is one of the songs where brutally graphic videos of factory farming are on full display, and they’re enough to leave both vegans and carnivores cringing. With a PETA booth outside the venue, signs that say NO MEAT OR TUNA ALLOWED INSIDE, and merch stating “be kind to animals or I’ll kill you,” this concert may have you reaching for one of the Vegan Starter Guides placed at the exit.

For more reasons than that, Morrissey’s concerts are not for the faint of heart. His voice is a beautiful one that never gets old, even after a nearly two hours of performing. And although he played mostly his amazing solo music, he did choose to bring back a few Smiths favorites to make the crowd even more nostalgic. And in every aspect, no matter the song, he sounds even more captivating live than he does blasting through the car radio or the speakers in your bedroom. His tickets are on the expensive side, but by my experience they were worth every penny. It was a night I’ll never forget.

And because I know you’re all wondering, yes. He did take his shirt off.


Written By Jamie Kahn

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