A while ago, I was approached by an incredibly kind soul who was was passionate about music. This person explained that they were in a small band and would love to chat. After giving the band a listen, I was impressed. Their sound was obviously inspired by many different artists while still remaining unique. Quite the feat if I do say so myself.

Enter Hydrogen Skyline, your new favorite alternative band. group_4-web

I know it’s vague and slightly existential to ask, but who are you?
We are just a group of friends and family who love the hell out of music and have a drive in life to be creative and inspire others with what we do. The short of that is, we are Hydrogen Skyline! Asher (vocals), Norman (keys), and Mark (guitars). We’ve been a group since late 2011 and have been trying to push the envelope ever since.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you?
I would say we sound like Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, and Fitz and the Tantrums getting into a knife fight on the set of a Batman movie.

“Keep going. Keep creating. Keep sharpening your craft.”

What makes you different from other artists in the genre?
I think we cover a wider array of emotions and nuances of different genres. For instance, on our latest album PHOTOVOLTAIC, we have reggae and hip-hop vibes on some songs, then we have straight pop rock on others, and then we have dance and electropop. Maybe that doesn’t really set us apart, but our goal with making a record is to swim through a myriad of phases, concepts and feelings – and we really try not to make the same song twice, either lyrically, or musically.

Who and what are you inspired by?
Our inspiration comes from all over the place. Currently music from Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy, but we also find a ton of inspiration from non-musical sources like street art and photography. We keep all our creativity in house as much as possible, even down to Norman designing all our logos and album art. In general, Hydrogen Skyline is a very all encompassing artistic project that we try to express through every medium – be it videos, album art, photos, and especially our music.

 And last, but certainly not least, what advice do you have for aspiring musicians?
Keep going. Keep creating. Keep sharpening your craft. The biggest setback to being vulnerable enough to put your creations out there is that there will always be a ton of criticism. Just remember that its so easy to give up and easier still to be shamed into stopping what you do. So don’t stop doing what you believe in, and know that around the corner there will always be personal and career breakthroughs after you get through the trials.

Check out the band on Spotify, iTunes, and Instagram!

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