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Stephanie Conard is a 19-year-old South Carolina native and avid traveler. She is currently taking a gap year to save up for art school but would like to eventually get a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.

She currently works as a freelance artist and loves to travel and see new places. She loves photography because it allows me to keep memories in picture form. She also loves it because of the composition aspect; how there’s so many ways to take a photo that can make anyone feel any sort of emotion you want them to.

She started doing photography seriously when she was around sixteen. It was then that she truly began to love it thoroughly after going to a week long intensive photography camp.

She photographs places and people, mostly. And the places she takes pictures of usually have something special about them – or at least something she finds special – like the colors or setting remind me of a story she once read or someone she once knew or a place she once was. Her ‘flowers’ photoset was spur of the moment, because she noticed how many flowers there were in her mother’s bedroom and she wanted to cement that aspect of her in photos that she could look back on later (and she hoped it would give others nice memories of their own mothers). Also she thought it was comforting how pure and sweet her obsession with flowers is.

You can find more of her photography here. You can also browse her shop here.

Written by Kassandra Renee


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