The Fallen State broke out onto the music scene in an impressive way. The first I heard of the rock band was from a tweet promoting the video for their song “Hope in Revival”. Since then, they have released four outstanding EPs, toured with Grammy award winners, and attained close to a hundred thousand views on YouTube. This is Decaf Magazine’s interview with Jon Price of The Fallen State, a band who is quickly becoming a trailblazer for independent artists.

– What drew you to each other as band mates?

Price: We lived in the same place and options were limited… or Rich’s magnificent beard! In seriousness, it was just one of those moments of coincidence of a group of people who liked the same tunes.

– What drew you to rock music?

Price: For me it was just always there. There was nothing specific about it that made me want to ‘be rock’. I just gravitated towards it and always wanted to play guitar so it was a natural fit!

– I love your EP “Crown Your Shadows” . What was your motivation while writing and recording it?
Price: To keep pushing our sound and be the best that we can. We like to release often so there is always new music coming out and always try to better ourselves on every EP.

– I saw some pictures on the band twitter [@thefallenstate] of you guys recording a new song. How soon will your fans be able to look forward to new music?
Price: It won’t be long! Definitely by the end of the year.

– How similar or different will the record be compared to your past projects?

Price: You will instantly know it is The Fallen State… but we are always trying new ideas and refining our sound to make it better with every release. It will undoubtedly be our best work yet!

– Is the writing process of your songs a collaborative effort, or is there one main songwriter?

Price: There is definitely not one songwriter. We all take on different roles when it comes to writing and running the band. Everything is ultimately collaborative even if different people ‘lead’ different bits. What’s the point of being a band if it isn’t?

– You guys have been on several tours now. What were your proudest moments while performing?
Price: There have been some great shows as support for Black Stone Cherry and the like which were fantastically large and full crowds, However, for me we had a rocking headline show at the O2 Islington academy recently that felt like a real milestone for us.

– How do you balance your musical career with other obligations, such as your family and other friends?
Price: Same way all musicians do. Dedication, hard work and some severe sleep deprivation! There is no doubt that it is well worth it though so it’s no problem at all!

– Did any of you have a musical family?
Price: My father plays a lot of music though it is a slightly different style and instrument to mine. However, was always music around when I was younger.

– Do you believe being in a band easier or more difficult than being a solo artist?
Price: By definition being a solo artist only requires the indulgence of one ego so interpersonal relationships may be easier… but one of the pleasures of being a band is that different people pick up the slack at different times and can contribute more. Few solo artists genuinely work alone… they often have other people working for them rather than with them is all.

– Have you learned anything from music that you apply to other aspects of your life?
Price: Fantastic life choices, financial management and a mature and diplomatic set of people skills. Maybe…


– What is your advice to your fans who want to form their own bands?
Price: Music is a craft as well as a passion. Treat it the same way. Passion with no skill and dedication blows too early.

Thank you again to Jon Price for working with us! Check out The Fallen State on iTunes and Spotify

Written by Nick Wilmer 


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