Over the past few months, “Makeup Twitter” has been all a-flutter with the latest trend in the community, something that cropped up between the pressed glitter frenzy and the drama between Kat Von D and Jeffree Star…a small start-up that began by focusing on simple brush cleaners. This company is known as Pink Poison Cosmetics and they’ve only been selling product for less than three months. Despite the youth of the brand they have just reached ten thousand followers on Twitter and every single restock of product sells out in under an hour.

pink poison

The original products consisted of  the signature “Pink Poison Makeup Brush Cleaner” and the sensitive skin version, “Liquid Cocaine”. Despite the makeup community never truly getting excited about the actual cleaning and maintenance of their precious brushes before, these were a viral hit. Videos of makeup practically melting off of brushes went viral (you can see them on Pink Poison Cosmetic’s Twitter and Instagram). The brand is now expanding towards lip scrubs and plumpers, with bath bombs rumored to be on the horizon.

The woman behind this brand is Taylor Morgan, who founded it by herself at only nineteen years old. One morning she woke up and had the idea, and she told herself, “You know what, I want to do this”, and she did. She jokes that she has been winging all of this, because she learned in highschool to never plan things because of how quickly they can turn sour on you. It wasn’t a grand or slow realization, but rather her “most sporadic idea to date”. In much the same way she describes that nothing traditionally inspires her products, but that she is constantly working to out maneuver larger brands, getting to ideas she sees them avoiding and making them successful.

Ten thousand Twitter followers is definitely an accomplishment for any brand, to constantly be able to promote and connect with customers in the public eye. For a two-month old brand it seems inconceivable. Taylor believes the key to her huge cult success online is due to her treatment of her followers online. Instead of being limited and professional, she treats them as she would old friends, instead of just simple customers or one follower out of thousands. She doesn’t care if other small brands seem that this is unprofessional, because her customers come first. Judging by her dedicated following, it’s working to her advantage.

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and roses 24/7. Taylor claims she no longer even has the time to feel overwhelmed anymore. Each morning she wakes up feeling like your average college student, and then “I pull down my notifications tab on my phone and realize I have 32 emails, 100+ Twitter notifications and my Instagram is blowing up…That’s when I go full on business woman. I just Harlem Shake through all the stuff until I get it all done.”

The biggest challenge facing Pink Poison Cosmetics will be the fact Taylor will soon have to run the company from her college, which is quite a big jump as a sophomore with limited resources on campus. Another issue that sometimes affects Pink Poison is the fact that Taylor is quite young, and that if you were to tell your mother that you were buying “Liquid Cocaine” from a teenager you can expect to be grounded right away. Although this thought seems quite amusing to Taylor, it definitely isn’t a significant drain on her business thus far so she isn’t quite bothered.

“I just Harlem Shake through all the stuff until I get it all done.” -Taylor Morgan

Looking ahead, the five-year plan is to graduate college and live in the now, as every day is not promised. Pink Poison may have a future off the ground and in Taylor’s second home of Manhattan, New York. It’s a source of inspiration to Taylor to think she can come straight out of North Carolina and move her own startup to the Big Apple. Her main role model Beyoncé said that “You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making,” and ever since Taylor heard that she’s been trying to follow that.

At the end of the day, Taylor will not be selling Pink Poison Cosmetics if it means losing her creative influence in any way. She affirms that she created this brand out of thin air and no amount of money can buy that. The makeup industry is where she thrives, because it brings people together and can bring confidence with every stroke. Being an indie brand especially means a lot to her as well. Independent means vegan and cruelty-free products are the primary focus, and that from Taylor’s other life as a consumer of makeup, she knows what she wants to see in the industry.

Personally, I am quite excited to see the next chapter for this brand. There’s a huge determination and drive in the way Miss Morgan speaks about her business, and her consumers respond to that. Her huge success shows that she should continue seeing high numbers and fast sell outs. In only two months we have seen four huge product drops with no end in sight. As long as Pink Poison Cosmetics isn’t slowing down, I can guarantee the consumers won’t either. In Taylor’s own words, “Makeup means everything to me”. Indeed, this brand focuses on equipping makeup lovers at all skill levels with tools necessary for the trade.

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