Spencer Williams is a twenty-two year old photographer and Tennessee native. He grew up in Nashville and found his way to Cookeville to study Mass Communication and Journalism at Tennessee Technological University.

Spencer has loved photography since he was a senior in high school. For the past five years, he has been pausing at life and taking the shots you see here.

He finds that he has a soul that is thirsty for the world,  a thirst that only chasing his wanderlust will quench. Through photography, he documents his journey of where he has been and plans for where he will go next.

Spencer said he loves photography for many reasons but he decided to share with me his biggest ones.

He said that through photography he has found that it allows him to capture a memory that you can have forever. So, even if one day his mind starts to forget, the photographs never will.

He said that he uses his photography as a way to tell a story. Since we all have stories that we are sharing that will, at some point, intertwine with one another, this is a beautiful thing.

Last but not least, Spencer said he loves photography because he can capture the beautiful things that we commonly overlook in every day life.

And I think that is beautiful.

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