“She envisioned her life in color, yet she only ever wore shades of black. She loved to feel the sun on her skin, yet she only left the house at midnight–revealing herself to the moon.  She was an unusual child, who craved a world that terrified her.  Her compass was the stars and yet, she could never find the right direction.  She kept longing for a love she never knew, while standing in front of the ocean.  And all I could do was sit back and watch; waiting for the universe to discover herself.”

Above excerpt is from tumblr, original author was listed an unknown. I fell in love with these words they way a child falls asleep counting sheep. My word soaked in every word and sound. That’s what our language consists of. Words, which only break down into more words and roots which break down into letters. Isn’t that a bizarre realization? Think of a simple word, then look it up. Then proceed to look those words up, it’ll become a never ending cycle. I fell in love with letters jumbled up into words that somehow spoke beauty into my life. Poetry has the power to break your heart, to heal, to love. To be loved. Find something to love. Not someone, something…somewhere. Fall in love with yourself, then something. Some group of words or some magical place. Truly live and love. Be you.

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