Wake up every morning dancing. For the past week, I’ve gotten up at 5:45 and danced myself up. You’ll feel silly but you’ll go on with your day having danced. Something about dancing around in your underwear to a happy song lifts the soul, so I highly recommend. Something I often asked myself is “when?” In response to “it gets better” when I was going through rough patches. One day, I realized I was the only one who knew the when. And the when was whenever. Happiness just like sadness is a feeling. You can live a happy life and still feel sad sometimes. Same for the flip side. As much as your home life may suck, as much as people can be butt faces…you have the power to control the situation. Do all the things you’ve dreamed of doing, but do it for you. Lose the weight because you want to, study for the test to improve your grade to please yourself. Dance in the rain and sleep in the sun. Make this life something you can be proud of. I always complained about feeling tired and lifeless throughout my school day so one day, I woke up early and danced. The rest of the day was magical.

“Let her sleep, for when she wakes she has mountains to move.” Go move a mountain tomorrow and dance today!

 written by Mariah Thomas

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