Lindsey Stirling combines classical violin, ballet style dance and dubstep music into an unforgettable musical experience. Combining them all was once said to be too out there and she would never get anywhere with it. Well, she decided to prove everyone wrong.



I found Lindsey in the beginning of this year, a recommendation from YouTube based on other music I have listened to and I decided to see what she was all about.


The first song of hers I listened to that made me a fan of hers, was ‘Roundtable Rival’ one of her new songs from her latest album “Shatter Me”. The video instantly captured my attention with the olden day western/steampunk theme before the song had even started. Then the music and dancing began and I couldn’t stop watching I was so enthralled.

You can see that Lindsey has so much fun when she is playing the violin, from her face and body language in her videos, particularly in ‘Electric Daisy Violin’, ‘Crystallize’, ‘Elements’ and ‘Shadows’. She just lets her music take her away and it isn’t  choreographed, she’s just laying it all out there for everyone to see.

Those particular videos are awe-inspiring in their simplicity so that you can see how her music encaptures her soul when she moves. The video is all about her and the music that she creates. There is nothing to distract you. She dresses in something comfortable and simple, with no people in the background, no background set that takes away your attention, nothing but pure simplicity. While the violin parts can be considered classical pieces it doesn’t have the usual flavour because of the dubstep that has been combined on top to give it that uniqueness.

Yet in other songs of hers like ‘Roundtable Rival’, ‘Masters of Tide’, and ‘Shatter Me’, starring Halestorm’s singer Lzzy Hale, are choreographed with dancers added yet is no less amazing to watch. Even with all the extras  you still see the love and passion and joy she has performing on her face and you can see she really gives her all. While these videos do have a storyline to follow or backup dancers in costumes, it’s done in a way that still doesn’t take anything away from the music.

After watching all these different videos and songs of hers, which you can find on her YouTube channel, I instantly went onto iTunes to buy her two albums knowing I needed them in my music collection.

I have to admit that her first album, which is aptly named after her, is my favourite. While the songs from both albums are original compositions from Lindsey, I connected with the first album the most. Don’t get me wrong, though, her second album ‘Shatter Me’ is in no way any less amazing than the first.

Over the years she has done a lot of other forms of musical crafting; like medleys from different movies such as ‘Les Mis’, ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’. She also played the theme songs from popular video games including ‘Skyrim’, Pokemon’, Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Halo’ along with many other examples. Also through her musical journey, she has had the opportunity to do cover songs with original artists like Macklemore, Megan Nicole, John Legend, Echosmith, Pentatonix and many more.

When she is not in the studio recording or coming up with new musical compositions, she does worldwide tours and has performed in some amazing places. She has also recently taken the time to produce a book that is soon going to be available to the public. The book is her memoir about her journey and is called “The only pirate at the party”. Look out for it in your local bookshop.

To sum up, the reason I wanted to share Lindsey with you is because her uniqueness and 81zls5i4bfl-_sl1500_talent brings joy and hope to the world. Listening to her music or watching her videos can’t help but bring you happiness and a smile to your face. She has gone out to share her passion with the world. Even though she is now a huge sensation, with two incredible albums under her belt, worldwide tours, and a published book, she has never forgotten where she came from or how she got to where she is today and the people who loved, supported and helped her throughout the years.

To listen to her albums and singles you can subscribe to her YouTube channel Lindsey Stirling, which has all her original music videos, collaborations with artists and classy covers and videos of when she is on tour. If you would like more of Lindsey she has another YouTube channel called LindseyTime which has cool behind-the-scenes action and vlogs.

Just announced a third album out for pre-order.

YouTube: Lindsey Stirling

YouTube: LindseyTime

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: Lindsey Stirling

Official Lindsey Stirling Homepage


Written by Rachel Adler





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