On April 1, 2016, four-piece pop, soul, and funk band Lukas Graham, released their first self-titled, full-length album which features 11 songs, including singles ‘7 Years’, ‘Mama Said’ and ‘Drunk In The Morning’. A common mistake that people make is thinking of Lukas Graham as a single person rather than what they are, a band. After binge listening to this album during its’ release, I was completing mesmerised by the music and the storytelling inspiration behind the tracks.

lukas-graham_cover_final5b15dThe first track is titled ‘7 Years’ which was swiftly picked up by radio stations around the world.  This track, being their first single, is what led me to my discovery of Lukas Graham. It is a slow and soft sounding ballad that delivers powerful and emotional vocals and lyrics. This is a song about Forchhammer’s life so far and his future goals. He has described this song as growing old and realising that being a father is the most important value to him.

Following this track, we have ‘Take The World By Storm’. This song comes across as more powerful and happier after listening to the first track.  It is an uplifting, inspirational song about removing the boundaries that have been holding you back and living life to the fullest.

The third track ‘Mama Said’ was the bands’ second single for their self-titled album. The song begins with what sounds like children singing, reminiscing their childhood. The intro is followed by a catchy beat and rap-like lyrics, with the children returning for the choruses. It tells the story of growing up in a family who have little money and live a simple life, yet still being able to find comfort and happiness. This song is one of my favourites on the album because it highlights Forchhammer’s inspiration to pursue his career in the music industry and passes his inspiration onto the band’s listeners.

On the fourth track, we have ‘Happy Home’ which is a beautiful ode to his ‘happy home’ and the family and friends he shared it with. This track hears the return of the slow, emotional ballad sound, and shows how great of an impact Forchhammer’s family has had on his life and dreams.

Track number five, ‘Drunk In The Morning’ was the third track released as a single for their self-titled album and is also my favourite due to the vibe this song brings me. This track is different from the others as it is the only track that opens with a saxophone which is also consistently played throughout the track. This is also their most sounding ‘pop’ song and differs from the other tracks as it takes you away from the emotions the other tracks bring.

‘Better Than Yourself’ is a beautiful piano piece that has been described as “haunting and mesmerising”.

‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me’ gives off a Bruno Mars styled vibe that shows off the flexibility in Forchhammer’s vocals.

The last three tracks on the album complete what is an emotional, inspiring and exceptional album.

‘What Happened To Perfect’ has soft instruments in the background to focus more on the vocals and lyrics, rather than the actual music. The instruments become louder in the choruses and begin to soften down again during the verses and bridge.

‘Strip No More’ has a catchy clap-along vibe with clapping sounds introducing the track and becoming faster during the chorus. I would not believe you if you told me the chorus does not make you want to dance.

‘You’re Not There’ is personally my least favourite track on the album, but is still a good work of art.

The final track on the album is ‘Funeral’, which is another slow piano piece.

Overall, their first full-length album release has received much praise and positive feedback, proving to be a kickstart to a long career for the band in the music industry. When I discover a new band or artist, I personally do not often fall in love with their complete work – it is quite common for me to have those few songs that I will always skip, however, I have fallen in love with the complete work of Lukas Graham and will definitely be behind what comes next for the group.

You can listen to Lukas Graham’s self-titled album here.


Written by Brooke Gibbs





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