Hello. My name is Andrew Demetriou, I’m a new writer for decaf. My pieces will all point to music. With me, you’ll get a lot of “emotions in music.” I like discussing mindsets and music psychology, but occasionally I’ll write a piece on another musician or particular songs/albums. Basically, though, along with emotions (during performance, jams etc. or how to prepare and recover from performances), my writing will revolve around my sax.jpginstruments. I love instruments.

Bit more background, though, I have just graduated high school and started a diploma in journalism. I studied music performance up to year twelve and sat the “Contemporary Vocals” exam. For this reason, I’ll be speaking with music specific terminology most of the time, but not too much. I don’t li
ke musicians who are too condescending with their vocab… Watch out for the puns and drummer jokes, though 😉 I play tenor sax obsessively and spend a fair amount of time busking with it. I have also been singing for
about eight years and can play slight keys.

Enough. Let’s do it. I’m young (18) but am ancient in my thoughts. Keep reading if you ever want to be a musician who enjoys music the right way.

I want to test you all. To the musicians; What’s the most important musical tool? What is it? You’ll find out if your eyes have flickered down (hopefully you don
’t read like that!) but I want you to try and guess. There is only one right answer. If you listen to a lot of music, you should definitely know it.

Surprise: Listening is the most important musical tool.
That sounds very convicted of me doesn’t it? That’s because this is not my opinion, it’s fact (Ok it’s my opinion as well…). I have been blessed and humbled to work with musicians beyond my ken, and they all have said the same thing to me. If you can’t listen, you can’t play. Who jams? Who’s in a band? Ensemble? Solo? It matters not… if you wish to create a cacophony of confused rubbish, play without listening. Even passion isn’t as important. Nothing comes close 🙂
Nice to meet you all. My next pieces will be much
much larger as this was just an introduction. I wanted to clearly explain myself so you’d know whether you wanted to be bored reading me every week or not. But remember the tool. REMEMBER.

Nice to meet you all, join me next week for the beginning of our journey,
Andrew Demetrioumy head with sax.png

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