Favorite songs. We all have them. That’s an easy enough claim to make. But what exactly makes a song a favorite song? What does a song have to contain to rank it at the top?


This is a question that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past few days, and I think I’ve finally come to a conclusion. So what makes a song my favorite? It’s really quite easy.


Simple Song Arrangement:

As of late, the majority of the songs I’ve been really liking have been very simple. I’ve been really into acoustic music or music that almost seems a little empty like the amount of instruments is just enough. Don’t get me wrong, songs where a ton is going on are also great, but simple, clean sounds seem to be drawing my attention.

Examples: Ophelia – The Lumineers // 1965 – Zella Day // Stolen Dance – Milky Chance


Songs with Memorable Riffs:

I’m a sucker for a good riff. I want to be able to recognize a song as soon as it starts playing. Bonus points if the riff is really simple. Most of my favorite songs fall into this category.

Examples: Texas – Magic Man // What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club // When You Were Young – The Killers


Songs that I wish I wrote:

Ultimately, these are the songs I love the most. I’m drawn to songs that have such simple melody patterns or lyrics, to the point where I just get mad that I didn’t think of them first. Typically these are upbeat, pop-influenced songs that I find myself listening to on repeat.

Examples: Walking Disasters – The Wombats // Chasin’ Honey – Wild Party // House Of Memories – Panic! At The Disco


Written by Kendall Wisniewski

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