As an avid music listener, I tend to see plenty of songs and artists cycle through my playlist. Recently, however, it seems as though there are much more joining the group than departing and though they may not necessarily be new artists, I feel as though they’re worth mentioning.


homepage_large-fb8f372dThe Wombats 

The Wombats are a band that I’ve heard about for a good while, though it wasn’t until I heard Greek Tragedy in someone’s study mix that I was hooked. The light electronic/indie rock sound their newest album, Glitterbug carries sets the perfect
tone f
or Friday nights, even if you’re just chilling at home. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying some of their older music as well and would highly recommend them for fans of Walk the Moon or Beach Weather.

Recommended tracks: Valentine // Greek Tragedy // Walking Disasters


The Lumineers

Now, of course, the Lumineers aren’t a new band for me. However, their newest album, a18mpobgsrl-_sl1500_Cleopatra just dropped, and I must say I’m absolutely loving it. Perfect for a rainy afternoon or as a backdrop to a creative morning, Cleopatra has just been so good to me. For those who haven’t heard it yet, I’d recommend the album to those who like Passenger or the likes. Or of course, if you’re a Lumineers fan.

Recommended tracks: Ophelia // Cleopatra // Long Way From Home


Wild Party

I’m really not sure where I found this one. It was a bit of a wild card find, (no pun intended). Source aside, Wild Party has been one of my favorite finds. Energetic pop music
that is catchy without being annoying seems to wildparty2be hard to come by these days, and somehow, these guys have managed to do it so well. I’d recommend their album, Phantom Pop to fans of Walk the Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, or the likes.

Recommended Tracks: Nicely Done // Chasin’ Honey // When I Get Older


What new stuff have you been listening to?

Written by Kendall Wisniewski

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