Location: Nashville

I first discovered Liz’s talent while she was doing backup vocals for Taylor Swift’s Fearless and Speak Now tours.

7f45132f79ba63abb835c904c3eaf072Liz has since left what is known as “The Agency” to pursue a solo career.

This is when I came across some of her solo work on YouTube such as ‘So Easy’, ‘Never Know’, ‘Sun Out Of The Rain’, ‘Wreck Of Who I Am’, ‘One Hand On The Wheel’ and ‘Blessed Are The Broken Hearted’.

In less than a day, Liz’s music became the music I would constantly have on repeat, playing it around the house and on car trips.

What draws me to Liz’s music is her angelic voice. She has a soft, sweet voice that is easy to listen to, but what I love the most about her music is her lyrics. Liz writes lyrics that tell an actual story that her young listeners can relate to.

‘Never Know’ can relate to either the end of a relationship or a friendship. This song quickly became my go to song while I was coping with a break in my friendship with my best friend.

‘Sun Out Of The Rain’ has a catchy beat that made me want to dance around my room and embrace my new found happiness. It reminded that things will get better and that I wasn’t the only one going through a rough patch.

chair-blinds1‘Wreck Of Who I Am’ tells the story of how torn apart you can become at the end of a relationship and how hard it can be to have find the strength to re-find yourself.

‘One Hand On The Wheel’ swiftly became my favourite song by Liz. It depicts the constant circle of feeling like you are in the process of getting better, but then something else happens which causes you to turn around and feel like you’re not actually getting anywhere at all.

Six months ago, Liz released her newest track ‘What You Do To Me’. The song is more upbeat than her earlier recordings but still maintains that sweet voice and powerful lyrics.

Liz announced on Twitter that she is newest artist to sign with Interscope Records, and that a Liz Huett debut is on its way.

Watch this space for a track by track review of her debut album when it is released.

You can listen to Liz’s music here.


Written by Brooke Gibbs

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