“My mother is a classy lady. Not a single strand of that dyed auburn hair sticking out that complemented her fair complexion. She wore pearls, heels and a deathly stare every day. My father is a very simple and plain man with blonde hair dusted with gray.”

“Is my life really worth saving? Would I make a difference in this world? So many questions but very few answers run through my mind as I stare at the city below. The passing strangers, speeding cars and bright lights. The loss of happiness killing me inside. The laughter of my loving family eating dinner at the rooftop garden. The only question I face now “would I miss this?”

““Freaks! Freaks! Leave our town!” they chant.
Not a single one of us flinches as we set up our tent. We’re used to it. Every town a new set of people who don’t understand us. A freakshow is a very unique thing but I fear the end is coming for us. The amount of people who cheer for us freaks is decreasing while the mobs increase. They only see us for our outer freak, but it is them who have an inner freak. It is them who beat innocent people because they are not like them. It is them who burned an innocent child for being a freak. They claimed they saved him but in reality he was happy to be who he was.
“Willow!” Madame Glitz repeatedly says until I look up.”

These are a few excerpts from short stories I’ve written. I tend to write aspects from things I see around me into stories. Like, certain traits of a person I see at the grocery store or expanding on a character of a show I like. Those pieces are from 6th, 7th & 8th grade. I wrote these elaborate stories because my mind wouldn’t stop creating them. As the years passed, I was writing less and less. Don’t let fear kill your creativity. As a photographer, I want to travel. People always tell me to save up and go later in life. I could listen to them and spend my life working a job I despise, retire at 59 and be too tired to travel or even die. Life is unpredictable. I don’t want to live guided by regret, so I’m saving up to go as soon as possible. I’ve been a few places and it was magical. I chose creativity over fear. I’ve lived both sides and following your passions always wins in the end. Keep dreaming until your dreams become your reality.


Written by Mariah Thomas

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