This week, I had the opportunity to work with the fantastic Jerry Maestas. Jerry is a


photographer and YouTuber most well known for his Instagram. I myself have been a fan of Jerry’s for about three years now and have always found great inspiration in his work.

Jerry’s photos are incredibly clean and breathtaking, focused primarily on portraits. Trust me, one look at his Instagram profile will keep you busy for quite a while. On the other end of the spectrum, his YouTube channel perfectly showcases Jerry’s vibrant personality and style.
I have yet to meet anyone with so much love for what they do and kindness in their heart. Jerry is one of the most humble people I have ever met and I can’t wait to see what great things come for him in the future. xx
1. How would you describe yourself and what you do to someone who doesn’t know you?

To put it simply I’d say I’m a happy outgoing guy that likes to talk about fashion,                    music, and share my photography online.

2. What makes your work different from other photographers?
I like to do a mix of conceptual and fashion photography which has definitely been done before but I push to make my concepts and work as original as possible.
3. Who/what are you inspired by?
I don’t think there’s a specific person that I’m inspired by but I’m definitely inspired by my fellow creators on Instagram and YouTube. Over anything, though, music inspires me the most. I get almost all of my conceptual ideas by listening to music. Lana Del Rey, Troye Sivan, and Melanie Martinez are some of my biggest inspirations in the music department.
4. Everyone has a creative process of sorts, what’s yours?
I feel like I have a few creative processes. Sometimes I will go into a shoot blind and feel out the location and the models energy and their look and let the shoot go in a natural direction. Other times I’ll have a shoot completely planned out and I’ll know exactly what I’m doing. Most of the time it’s a combination of the two!
5. I’ve been a follower of yours for years now and I’ve seen your talent grow, your style change. Looking back on your old photos, are you happy with this change? What changes would you like to see in the future?

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and at the moment, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the change. I used to solely do conceptual photography and I was really comfortable and happy doing so but lately, I’ve been trying out fashion photography. I enjoy it so much but I’m not 100% comfortable with it quite yet so I think I’m just still “transitioning” between styles so to speak. I probably just need more experience and practice with it before I’m completely happy with my new style and content. I’d love to eventually be completely comfortable with fashion photography but still pushing myself


to try new things with photography.

6. What are your dream collaborations? Be it people you’d like to photograph/have photograph you, or companies you’d like to work with.
There are so many people that I’d absolutely love to shoot with and some that I’ve already shot with which I’ve loved! I’d love to shoot with Davis Bates next time I’m in LA and shooting with Krissy would be a dream. As for companies, I’d love love love to shoot for Hollister. I just absolutely love their style of photography and I’ve been trying to adapt some of it into my own style. Same thing with Brandy Melville! I’m hoping some shoots with either of them are in the future.
7. What advice do you have for someone trying to get into photography?

Shoot shoot shoot! I’ve been taking pictures for almost 5 years now and I’m still learning new things about photography every day. Always be open to feedback, good or bad. Make


sure you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Like I said before, I’m not entirely comfortable with fashion photography but I’m still pushing myself to try it out because I’m interested in it. You can’t grow if you’re not uncomfortable sometimes.

8. And finally, what are three things you’re really into right now? (movies, artists, t.v shows, people, etc)
Hmm, it’s hard to say. Lately, I’ve found myself spending hours on the fashion side of YouTube because I love watching hauls, lookbooks, and product videos. I just think they’re so interesting! I could literally watch Zoella do an entire makeup tutorial which completely doesn’t apply to me but I watch it anyway. Cooking is something new that I’ve been into! I never really cooked when I lived with my parents but now that I live on my own I’ve been cooking a lot and it’s so much fun honestly. Lastly, I’ve been obsessed with finding new unknown music. I mean I’ve always been interested in finding new music but lately I’ve been obsessed with doing so. Some of my favorite new finds are Cure by Barcelona, Smile by Gone in the Sun, and Love is Love by TeamMate
Thanks again to Jerry for contributing to this article
Written by Kendall Wisniewski

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