Don’t ever let someone belittle your shine.
One of the most agitating things to be is people who feel the need to belittle a situation by comparing. The biggest example I can think of is every time my mother would tell me that my stress from school is not “real”, to just wait until I made it to the real world. She’s right in retrospect, it’s only going to get worse but that doesn’t change how I feel in that moment. Yes, there’s always someone who has it worse but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to feel. Sadness just like happiness is an emotion, don’t let a particular emotion define you let it shape you. Embrace them, even the sad/dark times. Life is truly what you make it. In 7th grade, I went through a rough patch. It continued on for years and I kept asking “well, WHEN does it get better?” A few years ago I realized that I was the dictator of that. The second I started living for me, it got better. Just know that the stress/pain test you failed yesterday or the boyfriend/girlfriend you are no longer with isn’t going to last forever. Feel the emotion but also grow from it.

“She grew from a doomed garden.
Everything that lived shortly died.
See, the others potential was deprived of the sunlight. They drowned in the rain and wallowed in pain.
But you see, she was different.
She searched for the light.
Breathing in every hope lost in the night.”

Written by Mariah Thomas

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