This month’s anticipated new releases for the alternative scene, we come across an underground rising band in the name of “Movements.” They have released their first EP, “Outgrown Things.” This week’s article will be a track by track review of each song and the EP overall!

The EP opens up with “Kept.” This song has a vibe that you can automatically get into even only hearing the band for the first time, which is exactly how this review went. The lyrics in general show strength, with lines such as “Give me something to believe in, I’ll give you something you’ll forget”. There’s a great balance between clean and rough vocals. Overall the song, in general, is a good. Great way to open up an EP, already giving me a good first impression.

“Nineteen” is the second track of the EP. This song goes into a deeper meaning as it discusses a view of the youth and the transition to adulthood and its conformity to reach a successful living. “I’m not the man that you want me to be” fights back the conformity about living with a career you hate. One of my favorite songs off this EP. I can tell this song hits home for some people.

“Worst Wishes” is the next track. A lot more rough vocals than our last two songs, along with some monologue in between songs (they basically pulled a La Dispute). Still a good song, though. The sound and the vocals tie together well.

After that, we transition to “Hatchet”, which at first kind of sounded like a Citizen song with the beginning riffs (It sounded very familiar). The song itself discusses the concept of conflicts. The song gets slower as you listen to it, and that’s something I really like about it.

You’ll notice as you continue to listen to this EP, that the songs get slower. Here we have track five, “Vacant Home” with a much more chilled out vibe. With this, they were also able to balance rough vocals with the slow sound, helping the transition for the more rough pace halfway through the song. The song switches back and forth between voice monologues and actual singing a lot more than most songs with monologues within them. The repetition of the last line gives more emphasis; a great way to end a song.

Last track of the EP we have my favorite song off this EP, “Losing Fight.” It starts off acoustic. I picture listening to this when it’s a rainy day and the skies are grey with a forest view. That’s the vibe I get from it. But once we hit “I’m a fucking mess,” it switches from a soft acoustic sound to their alternative rock sound, and even with that, they were still able to keep the vibe.

Overall, this EP deserves the recognition is getting, as I can see them rise higher than they are as a band. I recommend this EP to any La Dispute or Citizen fans or fans within the same genre, as Movements have that same sound.

Out of 5, I’d give this a 4.5.

Listen to the EP here via Spotify | Purchase EP here 

Written by Maxine Espanol

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