tumblr_n57dv7B9KS1r8d6oro1_500I’m going to be honest here. I don’t believe in a universally perfect love. No two are the same, so why should one be more or less perfect than the other? The following is my ridiculously overly romanticized idea of love, one that I’ve shared with someone for a time, and something I want again, just with the right person.

Some girls ask for Edward Cullen, Darcy, John Snow, or Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Me? I just want someone who looks at me the way Peter Parker looks at Gwen Stacy. To be clear here, this is not a movie review or a comparison of superheroes and their great loves, this is something I’ve realized over the years.

These two have the most perfectly toxic, loving, crazy, imbalanced relationship. He may be strong and powerful, the hero people scream for in the streets during an attack, but without Gwen, he’s nothing, and he knows it. Before I go on, you should be aware that I am in no way a fan of Mary Jane Watson. She’s the replacement, the second great love, but nothing in comparison to the amazing Gwen Stacy. I mean, Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Man is the one people begged Emma Stone to play.

As a rather intelligent girl myself, I understand the importance of having a significant other who shares that intelligence and craves to learn more with you, as a challenge to better each other, and grow as people. Isn’t that the point of being with someone in the first place? To grow? Why would you want to continue to stay with a person who keeps you stagnant? Here’s the answer kids, you shouldn’t. Be with someone who uplifts and motivates you to be better. Be with someone who makes you better than you were before them, and even better than you were the day before.

Back to the point here. I loved watching Peter and Gwen in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, or as I call them, the “Gwen Stacy Movies”. Every person should want to be looked at the way they look at each other. They obviously love each other, but it’s not an all-consuming love that ruins lives, much like the Edward and Bella’s of the world. Pretty much every example of a relationship society gives us is a terrible one, even the ones that were supposed to be good, like Elizabeth and Darcy.

Don’t be with the person who loves you so much they’re obsessed with you. Don’t be with the person who can’t live without you for a few days. Don’t feel the need to rely on a person to breathe, that’s not what a relationship should be. It should be a love that motivates you, and pushes you for the better. I want every person to have someone who values their intelligence, skill set, opinions, and differences equally, and looks at them with a love stronger than the challenges facing them.

Does that make me a hopeless romantic? You tell me.

Written by Paige Caddy

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