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Why are people so obsessed with vinyls? They’re vintage for a reason- they’re bulky,  degrade over time, and cost way more money than a CD or mp3 download. And yet, they’re coming back into style, and I, for one, am behind it. Yeah, yeah, dismiss me as a hipster, but I genuinely believe in the power of vinyl records.


Okay, but what’s the big deal? We’ve already established that they’re not the most convenient form of music. But they make up for it, I promise. I’ve heard the sceptics, but I do not regret the amount of money I’ve spent on this form of music. Honestly, nothing can compare to the sound quality. I know that sounds crazy cheesy, and stereotypical, but it’s true. There’s just something about vinyl that tickles your senses; some people call the sound “warmer”, because the tones in LPs tend more towards the middle range of human hearing, giving it a fuller, more organic sound.


And, truth be told, I adore the sound of the needle playing on an empty record- those few seconds at the beginning and end of a vinyl are comforting. It’s white noise that’s reminiscent of wind softly blowing against your ears, and the feeling of your teeth as you bite into a spoonful of icing. There’s nothing quite like it.


And that’s just the sound quality.


One of the best parts about vinyl is that you can’t skip around an LP like you can on CD and mp3. I mean, sure, you can try, but you’ll likely end up scratching the record, and wearing the LP unevenly. Records are meant to be listened to in order, and, while that can be disconcerting at times, it’s the best way to listen to a record. The artist created the playlist in that order for a reason, and we often forget that, instead choosing to instantly play our favorite song over and over, without the context of the other songs. Plus, the B-side of every vinyl is always the best. Don’t ask me why, it just is.


There’s nothing that can compare to holding a vinyl- touching the music, the grooves that hold the sound- is almost god-like in quality. And the aesthetic of the LP doesn’t hurt, either.


If I’ve convinced you to at least try the vinyl experience, here are some albums to get you started.


Pretty. Odd. (Panic! at the Disco)




buy it here


Okay, okay, this isn’t the cheapest vinyl. There’s actually only one. And it’s $445. But, if you have that kind of money, buy this album. It belongs on vinyl- it flows effortlessly from song to song, with a neo-vintage sound reminiscent of The Beatles and Queen.


image here


Cry Baby (Melanie Martinez)


buy it here


This album is beautiful on it’s own, (believe me, you haven’t seen the last of my rants about Melanie Martinez), but it’s amazing on vinyl. The warm tones of the vinyl make the child-like metaphors that much creepier, and the background noises are amplified and richer.


image here


Strange Desire (Bleachers)

 buy it here

4ff146c32dbd6d5a1929136a60bb095.jpegThis is one of the vinyls you’d put on while you’re feverishly studying for a test at midnight- it’s a mix of upbeat and chill tones that are especially conducive to vinyl. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing, so…


image here


Fools (Wild Child)

buy it here


Pretty much all folksy music sounds good on vinyl- there are significantly less sharp treble tones that get lost in the upbeat tempo. Fools is no exception, and with songs that flow into one another, you can’t go wrong.


image here


Ultimate Sinatra (Frank Sinatra)

buy it here


Listen. Almost any vinyl that came out pre-90s is going to be spectacular, and Sinatra is just begging to be heard on vinyl. It’s smooth, jazzy, and calming, and 100% an album you need to have if you have a turntable.


image here


Feels So Good To Me (Najee)

buy it here


Trust me on this one. It will change your life. It is incredibly cheesy, but at 45 rpm, which allows you to slow down the song to 33 1/3 rpm, giving it a sultry, saucy sound, or speed it up to 75 rpm, giving it a bopping, dance-party sound, it is not an album to be skipped. It’s hilarious, and you need it.


image here


LC LP (twenty | one | pilots)

buy it here


I’m a huge twenty one pilots nerd, which I’m sure you’ll come to know soon, so it’s no surprise I added this one. But honestly, it’s one of my favorites. It only contains 3 songs (not exactly what you’d expect for a $60 vinyl), but it’s a recording of a live performance, which is beautifully rich and inclusive- it’s entirely different from the studio versions of the songs. Plus, it’s shaped like Ohio.
image here


Written by Emily Faltinson

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