IMG_8880Members: Leah Martin-Brown, CJ Tywoniak, Dre DiMura, Ian Ross and Jimmy Lee.

Genre: Hard rock.

Location: L.A, California.

Inspired by ACDC, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, five-piece, female-fronted LA based Australian rock and roll band Evol Walks, create music that will get you up in the morning and get you feeling badass.

Their sound has been described as “a blend of classic, riff driven rock and roll distinguished by raw, powerful female vocals and blistering guitar riffs”. They deliver spectacular female vocals with awe-inspiring lyrics.

The band released their first single ‘Heartbreakin’ Woman’ in September 2014. The single became regularly played on Australia’s Triple M as well as getting picked up on other radio stations worldwide.

After the success and support received from ‘Heartbreakin’ Woman’, their next single ‘Buzzed’ was released in February 2015. The powerful vocals, guitar riffs and lyrics got fans ‘buzzed’ off their song.

2015 saw the release of Evol Walk’s first EP which features five songs including singles ‘Heartbreakin’ Woman’ and ‘Buzzed’.

Their latest released single is ‘Without Me’ which was released earlier this year. The sound is different from their previous releases, but is still as powerful. In an interview with Music Injection, lead singer Leah Martin-Brown described the single as not being “your typical ballad. It’s a farewell song to someone whom you used to care about very much but have now fallen out of love with.”

Following the release of ‘Without Me’, the band has kicked off 2016 with an impressive start playing shows in LA at The Viper Room, Global Rock Summit, The Mint, The Other Door and Amplyfi.

Evol Walks have an exciting future ahead of them and their talent will take them a long way. In 2015 Triple M announced them as one of the “Top 4 Best and Upcoming Bands in Australia’.

Their EP is available to buy on iTunes. You can also check out their original music, covers and live performances at http://www.youtube.com/evolwalksband

download (1).jpeg
Evol Walks playing for 200,000 people at Woodstock, Poland (2015)


Written by Brooke Gibbs


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