The most comforting and heartwarming thing you can ever make for a person is a playlist full of songs that remind you of them. After scrolling across to my music library, I came across an old playlist I made for a significant other. It was time to not tie this playlist with him now since we are no longer together, so I thought I might share. Now, picture this: your bedroom is a sanctuary. Every negative feeling is left outside on the door frame. Your bed is your true home. The relaxation of it all is lying down and think about nothing, as a soft vibe of these songs set the mood. The way this is ordered has a feel of transitioning from day to night, where the songs shift from a relaxed daytime feel, to a “I’m going to sleep to this” kind of feel. Ladies and gentlemen, walk with me as you take a step inside acoustic bedrooms*.

*Not every song here is acoustic. Sorry for the misleading title. Kinda has the vibe as if it is though.

One // Ed Sheeran

Soco Amaretto Lime // Brand New

I Still Shut My Eyes (Acoustic) // Citizen

Coming Down // Halsey

Kissing in Cars // Pierce the Veil

Cherry // Moose Blood

Mind Over Matter // PVRIS

Undo // the 1975

Letter by the Water // The Japanese House

St. Patrick (Empty Room Sessions) // PVRIS

Is There Somewhere // Halsey

Fallingforyou // the 1975

Terrible Things // Mayday Parade

Me // the 1975

 Robbers // the 1975

12 // the 1975

Princeton Avenue (Acoustic) // Issues

Girl // Moose Blood

Kiss Me Slowly // Parachute

Philadelphia // Parachute

Stay Here // Moose Blood  

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