image1.JPG“I did my makeup.
Fixed my hair up for a night in the city.
I then Sat alone in my dark room.
Never ever had I felt so pretty.
I couldn’t see a thing
but I felt everything.”

 In my 18 years of living the most important advice I can offer is to fall in love with yourself. Be in a relationship with yourself. Learn your dislikes and likes, know what your favorite color is and why. Treat yourself well, have fun, tell yourself you are beautiful. Stop waiting for love to show the up, just love and eventually someone will. But loving yourself first is key. This past year and a half I have spent time getting to know myself and find myself. It’s truly been amazing. Go to a coffee shop and read your favorite book, wake up early on the weekend and watch the sun rise or go out at night to star gaze. Watch your favorite movie, and then watch it again. Start living. If you keep wishing to go things, your life will pass you by and you won’t even realize it.

“trying to tame her was the equivalent to a jeep chasing a cheetah.” -mt

(Twitter: @ChanelSiren IG:MariahNThomas)

Written by Mariah Thomas

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