Here it is, you made it to a concert and you’re getting real hyped over who you’re seeing tonight. Something holds you up, and it’s this random band you probably don’t know and care not to even pay attention to their set. Next thing you know, their name is on headlines and their music is all over your timelines couple of months (maybe years) later. This random opening act does serve a purpose other than filling up your time. You know what they stay; you have to start at the bottom.

With that, I would like to shed light on these acts, where I will be putting out a list of opening acts that I’ve seen live. These acts put on a great show, despite the fact that the audience never came to give them interest. Let’s get on with the list shall we?

IRONTOM // Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre – Ones to Watch Tourirontomecho003

Long behold a band that might never be able to forget after their marvelous performance. Residing from Los Angeles, CA, this whimsical duo put out such an energetic and unique set. The band consists of 5 members, and each of them had character in their performance.

IRONTOM was set to perform as an opening act for the “Ones to Watch Tour” with Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre. Their sound tend to be very alternative, with a lot of enthusiasm. Lead singer Harry Hayes was able to  keep the audience attention with his movement during the performance, along with guitarist Zach Irons as he killed his solos. Overall the band put out an amazing show, and it set everyone in a good mood for the next band.

LISTEN to IRONTOM via Spotify / Soundcloud / Youtube | Purchase their EPs here | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

MALLORY KNOX // Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens – World Tourmallory-knox-1

My first indoor GA concert was February of last year, where my two favorite bands (at the time) were doing a tour together, and in celebration of my birthday the day after, I got a ticket to this show. I mean, what’s a better way to celebrate your birthday when you’re celebrating it with your favorite band at a show? This act, however, holds a special place in my heart only because I was so blown away, it kind of changed me from there.

Mallory Knox held their first ever tour in the United States at this tour. They have not stepped on American ground until the first date of this tour, which already marks their breaking point as a band. The band consists of 5 members as well, each of them contribute to unify together to perform their songs well beautifully.

I walked out of Hammerstein Ballroom a new fan of them. I went home and immediately bought their music and kept updated with them since. In fact, I got to see them again at Vans Warped Tour months later. They were able to put out such a great show, able to keep the audience hyped and entertained before the main act. I can see them grow as a huge thing for the scene one day. They already have their names on UK/European headlines! The US is next!

LISTEN to MALLORY KNOX via Spotify / Youtube | Purchase their EPs/Albums here | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

FLOR // Halsey – Badlands Tourtumblr_nwj2n7lwgy1se3v84o2_500

The most hyped up concert that I had looked forward to ever had to be Badlands Tour. While waiting for my queen to arrive and sing for us, this band was able to fill up the time, and in the end, I was able to get so much joy out of it.

Residing also from Los Angeles, CA we have a 5 member group in the name of “flor.” Their music has an indie vibe; more like the type you would dance to in the end of a teenage movie about generic love that falls apart; or the type of music you’d play to describe how lit summer was. This band kinda took me somewhere else with their set. It somehow gave me a happy and cheery vibe, even with their slower deeper songs such as “Ocean.”

Overall, this band has done a very great job in making the audience feel alive. The music itself just helps you feel more alive at this show than you would with an opener. This has to be one of my favorite openers, and I can see them rising big one day.

LISTEN to FLOR via Spotify / Soundcloud / Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


In the end we tend to learn one thing here and that is to pay attention to the openers of the next concert you attend. You don’t have to go in depth research before attending the show, but they sure as hell need the support they can get. Take it as finding a diamond in the rough: You’re new favorite band opened up for your other favorite band.

Written by Maxine Espanol

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