It was another Saturday afternoon when I decided to go on a hunt for local short films on YouTube. I live in Singapore; a tiny country in Southeast Asia. We are the little red dot on the world map. For my first article, I have decided to shine some light on local film-makers and their creative works. Enjoy these films from the little red dot.

First Duty of Love

maxresdefaultBy: Butterworks

Genre: (Romantic) Drama

This film follows the idea that the act of listening is first and foremost when it comes to love. Its intention is to touch your heart. One noteworthy detail is how this film’s cinematography has captured a glimpse of what Singapore looked like in the 90s. Because of the old-fashioned atmosphere of the film, it evokes a sense of peacefulness. The storyline is a heart-wrenching one of a deaf paperboy who goes the extra mile to listen to a girl he loves.

Link to film: First Duty Of Love


I Loved You

By: Butterworksmaxresdefault1

Genre: Romance

I decided to include another film from Butterworks because they’re just too good. This particular one has no spoken dialogue. It shows the inevitable different stages of a relationship from its start to end. This film seriously made me go from “aww, how cute” to “crap, now I’m crying” within 2 minutes.

Link to film: I Loved You


The Proposal

By: WahBanana

Genre: Comedy (skit)maxresdefault2

Here’s one that will make you giggle. Picture this. Your bro or best bud passes you an engagement ring he bought and tasks you to keep it until the double date the next day, where he plans to propose to his girlfriend. But when you get home, your girlfriend accidentally finds the engagement ring in your jean pocket and immediately thought you were the one who was going to propose to her. With such a mix-up, one can expect the double-date to go horribly wrong…

Link to film: The Proposal


The Favour

By: Night Owl Cinematics (Ryan Sylvia)maxresdefault3

Genre: Drama/Thriller

This film will leave your heart-pounding after an unsuspecting plot twist at the end. It is based off of the ever-so-popular “Chaos Theory”; the idea that a small and seemingly insignificant action can lead to a series of great consequences. I think this film’s storyline is unique and deserves a lot of attention. It makes you think about how a single action determines the end result.

Link to film: The Favour


After The End

By: TreePotatoesmaxresdefault4

Genre: Romance

She studies in Melbourne, Australia. He’s on a holiday in Melbourne, Australia. What happens when these two past-lovers bump into each other at a café years after breaking up? This film deserves so much praise for its amazing shots. Watch as a boy and girl spend some time catching up after so many years.

Link to film: After The End


My Little Terrapin

By: TreePotatoes and Butterworks (collaboration)maxresdefault5

Genre: (Romantic) Drama

This last film is a two-part film. It is in Mandarin but there are English subtitles! This film sends the message to love someone for whom they truly are. The story follows a guy who constantly tries to talk to a girl who clearly is not interested. The girl bears a mysterious air while the boy seems to grow even more curious of her, day by day. After buying the girl a pet tortoise, the two slowly grow closer to each other. However, being bullied for a mark on her neck that she tries so hard to cover up, almost tears their friendship apart.

Part 1: My Little Terrapin (Part 1)

Part 2: My Little Terrapin (Part 2)


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