Looking for music that’s literally just going to make you excited to live, because you know that you can listen to those perfectly mastered and uniquely sounding songs at any given time? Pop/alternative trio, Chase Atlantic are what you’re looking for, to make your life just that little bit easier, to make your week that much easier to get through. Chase Atlantic are a dynamic band which offer a refined, mature sound, well among their years. They give themselves a creative, unique edge which makes me sit back while I’m listening and think, ‘Wow. This band is special.’ This band is not like any other – no matter what comparison you try to make, you’ll instantly be shut down. Especially since this band do everything independently – they write, record and produce all of their music, all of it coming from one room. Such big, climatic sounds from such a small room.  

tumblr_nlxbtwvaig1u6cz50o1_500In order for a band to be good and well liked, the band needs to have a few things right?
First on our list is the most obvious – good music. A tick for Chase Atlantic in that department. Second on the list – good image. Chase Atlantic’s social media presence is so aesthetically pleasing honestly. Third on the list – good live, entertaining. Although I have never seen the band live myself yet (yes, I am gutted about this), I have watched hours of live videos and I can say that these boys definitely transmit such an amazing energy on stage. Oh, and bonus points to them because they’re all attractive.

Chase Atlantic consists of brothers Clinton (22) and Mitchel Cave (19) with their friend Christian Anthony (18). Their discography consists of two EPs and one single, and let me tell you, once you start listening you’ll be craving much more. Each member of the band plays such an essential part in the band’s production and it’s obvious the boys share such a close bond through their love of music. Mitchel Cave’s strong vocals which can shift from soft to dynamic in a matter of pure seconds just give the songs an incredible, mature sound. I daydream to his voice – literally. Let’s just say it’s the voice you want to be serenaded by. Christian Anthony is the youngest member of the band but his musical ability is mature beyond his years. He shares vocals with Mitchel, and he plays guitar. And boy, is he handsome. Then we have the eldest member of the band, Clinton. He holds a massive, key role in the band, the main director of all their videos and their main producer. He also is a main guitarist and occasionally plays the saxophone in a few songs. It’s always a lovely surprise when he does that. Each band member holds their own special talents.

Dalliance, was their first EP which was released in 2014. It was an amazing kickstart to their career as girls and boys everywhere sat back and started to take notice of the talented trio. The EP contains five tracks, each one different to the other but each one spectacular in its own degree. The first track, ‘Anchor Tattoo’, opens the EP with a fun, upbeat punk rock track, with a chorus that is unbelievably catchy and will be stuck in your head for the next few days. Track two is ‘Gravity’, which is a complete change of pace to our first track. In ‘Gravity’ it all slows down a bit, offering a softer, calmer sound to the first track. Track three is ‘Hold Your Breath’ and much like the second track, is quite smooth and calming. They are perfect songs to study too, I can recommend this due to experience. Track four is ‘Run Away’, and the EP is once again upbeat and the pace has been picked right back up. When you listen to this song, it just sets up every girls’ perfect dream. Which girl doesn’t want the perfect boy to tell her to run away with him? Our last track is a remix of track three, ‘Gravity.’ It finishes the EP with a bang, and leaves such a good impression on the listener.

Although ‘Dalliance’ is incredible and glorious and each track is beautifully crafted to create absolute magic, ‘Nostalgia’, the band’s release of 2015 is my absolute favourite. This second EP offers such a different vibe to the band’s debut release. You can definitely see the boy’s maturity and musical ability rise in this new EP. Opening ‘Nostalgia’ is the track tumblr_nk7ztij7uh1rmjy65o1_1424687383_cover‘Roxanne.’ The song gradually grows instrumentally and vocally towards a powerful chorus. The perfect opener to the band’s second release. Following this track is ‘Vibes’, my favourite track on the whole EP. The sweet guitar riffs and harmonious chorus will just make you melt and crave a love like the one present in the song. The third track ‘Meddle About’, is completely different to the first two. It is definitely the most mature song on the EP. It’s lyrics, instruments and tempo all come together to form quite a solid jam. The fourth track is ‘Talk Slow’, which is completely different to track three. Going from track four to track three, we take the pace way down. It’s a whimsical song with a road trip, travel type of feel. The last track ‘Friends’, keeps up the fun of the EP right down to the very last note. The stand out in this track is the lyrics, lyrics such as ‘heart on your sleeve like you’ve never been loved’ and ‘give you my word as you take it and run’ are memorable.

And Chase Atlantic’s most recent release is their single ‘Obsessive.’ It’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s mellow, it’s a song that I would go crazy to at a party.

This band is set to be the best thing to come out of Australia since 5 Seconds of Summer. The Chase Atlantic boys are now signed with The Madden Brothers, and I have no words for how excited I am to watch them venture off to America to make some music, gain some fans and get all the attention they deserve.

At the start of this article, you may not have been aware of who Chase Atlantic are, but keep your eyes peeled because you’re about to start seeing the names of these boys everywhere.

Editor’s note: I can confirm that Chase Atlantic is a fantastic band xx K

Written by Alysha Butera

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