Members: Garret Myers, Bart Williams, and Tyler Frees

Genre: “Popternative”

Location: Denver, CO

Modern Suspects creates the kind of music that I like to play when I’m driving in the mountains with the windows down- it’s a clean mix of pop and alternative that leaves you feeling refreshed and excited for the day. Their debut single, “Sequel”, released in late 2014, is a catchy song that carries with it a positive message that I truly appreciate. Their self-titled EP, released last year, contains a mix of upbeat and reflective songs that create a very summer-y sounding mix that is so desperately needed this time of year. They promise us new music, merch, and a new single (“Just Watch Me”) in April. And, of course, like any band, they create covers of songs they like, putting a new spin on them. Check out their cover of “Electric Love” by BØRNS here.

Of course, having good music is really only 1/3 of the battle. Luckily, Modern Suspects is just as good at live performances and fan interaction. Their live shows are full of energy, drawing you in and making you want to dance, clap, and laugh along. You can see their passion as they perform, and the meaning that they put into their songs just becomes more apparent. They truly enjoy themselves onstage, and that passion and excitement translates to the audience, making them truly a band you need to see live to fully experience.

The part that  I am most impressed with, however, is their dedication to their fans. They make the effort to not only meet fans after shows, but also  make a point to talk to them. They take feedback genuinely, and are always willing to try new things. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to these guys many times, through Twitter (@ModernSuspects), Instagram (@modernsuspects), and Snapchat (modernsuspects). They are down to earth, funny, and have taken the time to learn about me as a person, not just another fan.  They aren’t just invested in promoting their band- they are interested in meeting the people who listen to them, and I appreciate that immensely.

Modern Suspects is, without a doubt, a band you’ll want to follow. You can take a listen to them over on Spotify, or order their EP here. Their first Denver headlining performance is at the Larimer Lounge (located in Denver, CO) on April 7th- you can order tickets here.


Written by Emily Faltinson

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