tumblr_o3opb6wkyh1vncfreo1_400Let me start off by saying this is not your average super hero movie. I have always loved the Marvel franchise, and when l heard that Marvel was coming out with a movie named Deadpool, l was very excited. I was ready to just buy the tickets and go because l felt that l already knew the Marvel franchise. I trusted that it would not be a waste of my money and l would enjoy myself.

In the movie, Ryan Reynolds plays a man named Wade Wilson who used to be a special forces operative. Now he is a mercenary and helps people in need for free. The people that he helps view him as a hero. The only difference is that he does not have super powers.

However, his life seemed to have no meaning to it. He had no family, couldn’t hold a job, tumblr_o3nguc22dr1uakbflo1_500and practically lived at the bar. The only good thing about his frequent bar trips was that it was where he met his future fiancée. Her name was Vanessa Carlysle. Vanessa and Wade’s relationship although strange, oddly worked. They often made awful jokes at each other and made the best out of whatever they were handed. After a short time of knowing each other they were ready for marriage, but Wade was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This was when the movie truly started to take off. After his diagnosis, he left Vanessa and went to a local bar. There he was offered a miracle cure that would also make him better and stronger. This sounded too good to be true, but afttumblr_o2v8avngbq1snteogo1_r3_500er going through tons of experiments it finally worked. Even though he was cured, his face suffered third degree burns from the experiments. He decided to wear a mask for the rest of his life and took a vow to find the person responsible for that and kill him.

This movie was filled with action and humor. It also managed to keep me on my toes. For people who want to sit and watch a funny movie filled with gory scenes this is definitely the movie for you. One thing to be aware of is there are some graphic sex scenes and naked women in the movie. This is not a suitable movie for children. I do not regret paying for this movie at all. The trailer truly describes what you are paying to watch. So l strongly recommend people watching the 1st and 2nd trailer before buying tickets. This movie was number one in the box office and received great reviews. I expect and look forward to more movies like this to come.

Written by Nicole Marange

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