Photo by Mariah Thomas

Writing poems and short stories are a wonderful form of expression. You don’t have to be a poet to write a poem. They are simply words stung together. That’s a bizarre realization, it’s common knowledge but bizarre. Each poem is constructed of words and each word constructed of letters. Everything we have come to know was created at some point in time-meaning there was a time it didn’t exist. As a kid I was always wondered why the sky was blue. Not the science behind it, but who or what decided ‘blue’ was the blue we have come to know today. I would then ponder on the idea of why we call a TV a TV and not a toaster. I would then go find the meaning of the root of those words-which of course only meant more words and more. These curiosities I showcased in my writing at a young age and it’s been my form of expression ever since. A famous poet (Percy Shelley) once said poetry is the only true art form of expression and I disagree with that. A wise teacher once told me, “if you do it with heart, it’s art.” Don’t be afraid of your passions, embrace them.

“I have a heart full of words just waiting to pour out onto the page.
The words are ready to spill out of me like a glass of milk on the edge of a counter.
I feel as if my words are suffocating me. They want to claw their way out but they’re trapped.
I am so overwhelmed.
To the point where
I don’t even have words for it.”

-Mariah Thomas

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