On February 26, 2016, Alternative Indie band the 1975 released their sophomore album “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.” Despite the long song title, the album overall is a work of art. Listening to it from track 1 to track 17 already have given me a good mindset of how this album has shaped their new aesthetic and how this era will succeed from their black grungy tunes from their self titled.

The first track is titled “The 1975.” Sounds familiar, as this is also a first track from the self-titled album. The re-mastered track comes with a choir and a change in sound, fitting their new sound in this album. It was genius that they still stuck with their roots and continued to make this track a tradition in their studio albums.

In the second track we transitioned to “Love Me.” The upbeat tune was one of the first singles to release for this album, and it introduced a new and higher sound, considering that their first album has such a darker tone. This change in sound really worked for them, especially since people like me kinda doubted that they would be able to change their sound and succeed.

The third track was the band’s second single for this album, titled “UGH!” with a broad and emphasized title. The song itself had even a better upbeat tune than “Love Me,” but with a more chiller vibe. All in all this song also proved that the 1975 were able to get out of their usual mysterious and darker sound.

Fourth track we have “A Change of Heart.” A familiar lyric that you would hear while listening to the song is “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, Now you just look like anyone”; Let’s take a rewind to their most iconic songs from their first album, “Robbers.” This song is basically character development when you transition from “Robbers” to “A Change of Heart”, when realizing that Matty was in love with this girl as if she had a face straight out a magazine, but now has realize the flaws in this relationship, he has gained more vision and realized she looks like anyone.

The fifth track happens to be of my favorites in this album, named “She’s American.” The song basically describes an encounter with someone of a different culture, as if Matty met an American woman that is so unfamiliar and fascinated with british culture. This song has such a great vibe, tells the story of this encounter very well, and the beat just gives you a good dancing mood.

“If I Believe You” is the seventh written to call out the Catholic Faith, with the questioning of what happens if you fall into the religion hole. This song has gone into a great shift in sound with the album, since the song has a more chilling, soulful sound when trying to connect with God. The song gets more intense as the meaning of this song is something so personal to the singer himself.

“Please Be Naked” is an instrumental filler that basically had a deep emotional vibe, despite the misleading trick in the title. When looking at the title at first, you would think it’s like a more intimate version of their single in the first “Sex,” however, when you first hear it, there is no lyrics, just piano. The name and the song itself correlate together to create a more intimate vibe.

The eighth track of this album is titled “Lostmyhead”, which is a spin off to their song “Facedown,” since a lyric in that song is the base lyric of this track. “And you said I’ve lost my head Can you see it? Can you see it?”. The fact that they have connected their songs from this album to their past album and EPs has proved they although they have changed their sound, they will always keep their old aesthetic alive through their new one.

“The Ballad of Me and My Brain” tells a quirky story about the loss of a brain, metaphorically discussing the loss of his sanity. The song itself is a direct transition from “lostmyhead” since they both discuss Matty’s state of mind.

“Somebody Else” is also a favorite of mine in this album, as it is very relatable to my personal life. The song discussed the feeling of your lover finding a new lover, but still being attached to them romantically. I suggest to listen to this while sleeping, it’s very calming like that. Overall the song is one of the chilliest in the album.

“Loving Someone” picks the beat up with a more semi-rap tune and a high pitched voice singing the title. The song itself is something you can dig to, especially when the lyrics call out today’s media and how the young generation is being manipulated.

The album title happens to be the twelfth track of the album, where the lyric itself derived from a poem Matty wrote. The song itself has a chill vibe that you would be able to sleep to, along with with two different beats transitioning together with the only lyric line coming in between.

“The Sound” happens to be another favorite of the album. This single happens to be a popular one for the band, as it is getting much recognition from being performed in live TV such as SNL and Jimmy Fallon. The song itself is something you can get lit to (trust me). The music video that came along with it was genius also, as it basically shows the outside world viewing them and how it won’t affect their successful career.

We are now getting ahead to more upbeat sounds again when we head to our fourteenth track named “This Must Be My Dream.” Another favorite of mine in the album, where Matty was in belief that this girl was in love with her, but leaves with a broken heart as if we was deceived, like the entire relationship was just a dream. The beat itself gives a very carefree mood. Suggest you listen to this while going on an adventure.

If I had to choose ONE favorite song off this album, it had to be this one. “Paris” was written about the personal addiction Matty had gone and the encounters he had along the way. The lyrics were morbid, and very depressing, but the sound of the music itself does not make it seem that way, which fucks your mind up a little bit but it works together. I L-O-V-E the beat of this, it kinda reminds me to how music sounded like in the late 20th century.

These next two songs happen to be acoustic, something that Matty has never brought himself up to do (except for 102, an unreleased song). “Nana” was written about his grandmother who has recently deceased. The acoustic tone has given a more emotional vibe, it is inevitable to lowkey cry to this. The emotion that Matty has put in this song is evident.

This final song of the track is a great conclusion to this album. “She Lays Down” discusses prenatal depression after the birth of Matty himself. Why did he write about this? Honestly I’m asking also, but it’s something Matty wrote about to let out his personal meaning through song. “She Lays Down” is another acoustic tone, full on acoustic. He ends it with him “That was it,” as a more straightforward conclusion.

Overall, this album is a great switch for the band itself. 10/10 rating for the overall music; There is not one bad song from what I depicted. Give it a listen, it’s available on iTunes, and will be available on Spotify two weeks after the release date.

Written by Maxie

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