2015 TOP 5 // ALBUMS

As every year does, 2015 came upon us and then was over as quickly as it came. Now that 2016 is here, we’re all bursting at the seams wondering what new music we will be blessed with. For now though, we are left with the music 2015 graced us with, and if 2015 was a year for anything, it was definitely a year for music. Here we look at the top music releases of 2015. If you’re in need of some music to kick start your 2016 off right, you need to check out all these 2015 releases.


  1. Halsey – BADLANDS


Interested in taking a trip to the BADLANDS? Ashley Frangipane goes by the stage name of Halsey. She set her firm footprint into the world when she released her debut last year. We get a glimpse into Halsey’s not so simple world with her debut. Her deep, raw and honest lyrics give a very forward narrative structure through each track. Each track is engulfed with emotion. She burst out onto the music scene long before 2015 with her first hit track ‘Ghost’, but it was in 2015, with this record, that people started to take notice of this modern superstar. Halsey’s vocals through each track capture the listener’s attention and heart.  Halsey has a kind of magic; a magic that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more. Halsey rose to impressive heights with her debut and only showed the world that she is a strong, superb and musically gifted artist. The world is anxiously waiting to see what other magic Halsey will give us in 2016.


STAR TRACK: ‘Colors’


  1. Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon


Lana Del Rey strikes again in 2015 with yet another hauntingly beautiful album. ‘Honeymoon’ is my favourite Lana album yet. In tracks ‘Music to Watch Boys To’ and ‘High By The Beach’ Lana proves all her songs aren’t just about sadness. Yet there is still sadness in this album – amongst the sadness there is rage, hurt, bitterness and wishful thinking. Hopefully in 2016, Lana will be more widely recognized and given all the credit she deserves. With an album like ‘Honeymoon’ which demonstrates a rainbow of Lana’s emotions, Lana proves she is not too be messed with or underestimated.


STAR TRACK: ‘Art Deco’


  1. LANY – Make Out EP


While you may have heard of the first two albums, this magnificent ep seems to go a bit unnoticed. LANY are a three piece alternative pop band. While the lead singer of this band, Paul Jason Klein, is very aesthetically pleasing and great to look at, his voice is just as pleasing for the ears. This EP is hypnotic and captivating with a beautiful blend of modern electronic pop and easy listening beats. The emotions in this EP are easily identified through the emotionally engulfed lyrics. Each track makes you want to fall in love. Six tracks on this EP just isn’t enough and you’re left wanting more. Through this EP Lany have cemented themselves their title as a band to watch. Ready to have your heart stolen? Do yourself a favour and listen to the magic that is LANY.


STAR TRACK: ‘Made In Hollywood’


  1. Transviolet – Transviolet EP

This stunning quartet are also an act which go unrecognized a lot of the time. You may have heard hit track ‘Girls Your Age’ here and there. That song is an absolute tune, with the hauntingly stunning vocals laid over soothing harmonies and subtle beats which  intensify as the song goes on. This debut ep sets off an absolute storm for the band. Each song is an anthem in itself, giving off strong vibes. Each song is a pop-belter. I have no doubts that this band are going to make it big. Each track on this ep has its own unique, charismatic hook which is sure to have people singing. This band has many great things coming for them.


STAR TRACK: ‘New Bohemia’


  1. The Japanese House – Clean EP

This was among one of my most anticipated releases of 2015. I had The Japanese House’s debut EP on repeat for days. The Japanese House is made up of single talent Amber Bain. Amber’s modern take on pop electronica will suck you in as soon as you hear the first note. It’s symphonic, soothing, stunning tracks make this EP essential for listening to when doing absolutely anything. This EP is packed with poise and elegance. Angelic electronic beats are mixed with soft layered harmonies and a clearly manipulated pitch. This EP is elusive and intense with emotion which makes it definitely easy listening.


STAR TRACK: ‘Sugar Pill’


So do you agree with this list? Or agree to disagree? Now with all these magical releases being given to us in 2015, how will 2016 surpass it? Looks like we are just going to have to wait and see! Super ready for 2016 to fire at us some new artists and some new albums from old artists.
On a quick note, God bless David Bowie. He was an artist who left such an incredible cultural impact and oozed inspiration for many fellow well known artists. He influenced acts such as Lana Del Rey and Halsey, who are up on our list above. He had no boundaries and was truly a legend in the strongest sense of the word. He deserves to be always remembered and never forgotten. We can be heroes, even just for one day. R.I.P Bowie.



Written by Alysha Butera


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